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Human Resources Management

Human resources support is a critical component to protecting and growing your business. With employment laws, regulations, and practices constantly changing, you need reliable resources in place to keep your business compliant.

Secure Payroll is here to answer your questions and help protect your business from costly lawsuits and audits.

Our Human Resources management experts can help your business create an automated system for managing benefits, workplace policies, handbooks, and employee records that will keep you compliant with labor laws and provide protection from potential violations.

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Secure Payroll’s Human Resources Services

At Secure Payroll we offer various human resources management services designed to help you hire and retain great talent, and protect and grow your business. These services include Background Checks, our Online Support Center, and our HR On-Demand Service. Read more below.


We make your employee recruiting and hiring job easier with reliable background checks.

Secure Payroll can help you complete your pre-employment screening to avoid making costly errors in the recruitment process due to misinformation.

HR Support Center

Our HR Support Center is an online knowledgebase of premium HR tools, resources, and information. You’ll have access to job descriptions, recruiting guidance, internal policies, labor law compliance, HR and employee forms, employee guides, benefits information, and more.

HR On-Demand Service

Responding to employee requests for information updates, W-2s, and other administrative tasks can take a big bite out of the productivity of your business. The solution? Providing your team with an Employee Self-Service portal empowers them to manage their information and fulfill HR requests by utilizing intuitive web-based tools to log on, view, print, and edit their own information. This will relieve you and your management from having to handle paper and make updates.

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